Wednesday, October 7, 2015

5 Ways to Increase Laptop Battery Life

One of most important part of laptop is its battery and plays an important role in the improvement in the performance of the laptop. Every precaution must be taken in order to ensure complete maintenance of the battery of the laptop and here are some ways to increase laptop battery life.

Adjusting the screen brightness can make considerable difference
This is one of the most important points as by adjusting the screen brightness one can save considerable amount of battery power. This means that you don’t have charge the battery again and again. These days’ laptops come with special LED or LCD screens and consume less power but high screen brightness results into more consumption of power; hence the screen brightness should be set to a medium level.

Switch OFF those used applications
There are many applications that run silently on the background of the main screen and lay unused for maximum time. The best option is to switch OFF these apps and only continue with the main apps, this will result into usage of genuine amount of power and hence laptop’s battery can be preserved for longer period of time. If you are using a windows based laptop then you can go to the taskbar and see what all applications that are running and which app is required to be switched off.

Simple disable apps that make more use of processor
There are few apps that make extensive use of laptop’s processor and these apps need to be disabled when not in use. There are apps such as HD video games or apps that consume more memory power. If you disable such apps then the battery will be less consumed and stay there for longer period of time.

Disable all unwanted devices
Devices such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi, built-in modems and other devices that are not required many times must be disabled. These devices consume more power and hence considerable amount of battery power can be saved. One of the most important points is to ensure proper maintenance of the battery such as you can clean the battery terminals from time to time with a simple sift, clean and dry cloth and also search over the internet about the maintenance of the battery.

Don’t let the laptop go into overheating mode
This is one of the most important points because sometimes the laptop goes into overheating mode and this severely impacts the laptop’s battery performance. Hence always make sure that the laptop is properly ventilated. Don’t use the laptop while sitting on the bed. These are special tables that are available and can be used. The best part about these small tables is that beneath the laptop special holes are provided that lets the air passes on easily and the laptop is not overheated.

Hence you can see that all the above mentioned steps are quite useful in increasing the laptop’s battery life and must be implemented so that you can use your laptop for longer period of time without any problem.

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