Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to root Galaxy S5?

When it comes to rooting Samsung Galaxy S5 everything needs to be done in a systematic manner. Though there are many different ways that are available but the best way is to make sure that it is reliable and does not lead to any loss of data. Here are some important steps on how to root Galaxy S5 in a simple and easy way.

Step 1: The first and the foremost step is to switch off your smart phone and then hold down the Center home, volume down and power button, make sure all these three buttons are held together at the same time for up to 5 seconds until you get to see a warning screen.

Step 2: The next step is to hit the volume up and a downloading prompt will appear on the screen. Android will automatically download few important files.

Step 3: The third step involves connection of a micro-USB cable between USB 2.0 slot of your smart phone and computer. You will need to download few important files such as ODIN, SuperSU and Philz Touch CWM recovery.

Step 4: As soon as three files get downloaded the next step is to unzip the Odin.Zip. Inside folder you will see a file named Exe. Program. You need to run this file by double click and start the ODIN program. A yellow highlighted box will appear in front of your screen. This box will consist of random COM numbers.

Step 5: Select the PDA button and search for Philz Touch CWM recovery file that you downloaded earlier. Run this file by clicking on start and you will see the CWM Recovery being flashed on the main screen. If you see green color tab moving it is actually pass and it means that the recovery file is being successfully flashed on S5 and you should reboot your smart phone now.

Step 6: After rebooting copy the SuperSU zip file on internal storage of your S5. Again reboot your S5 and repeat the step 1 once again. A prompt will appear on the screen and you need to select the install zip file from Philz Touch CWM recovery.

Step 7: Now you need to select the option choose zip from sdcard and again choose the SuperSU zip file. This is the actual file that will root your smart phone. After choosing these files just reboot the device.

Step 8: After rebooting a new app called as SuperSu will appear on your mobile and by running this app you can easily root your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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