Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to Buy a Notebook PC

Notebook PC is the most famous product which is now becoming popular in all over the world. It seems that many of the manufacturers are ready to make this Notebook PC as per customer requirement. The customer only keeps this in mind that what type of Notebook PC is looking for and when to buy the Notebook PC.

Points to Consider When Choosing a New Notebook PC

1.     Screen- the most essential part in the Notebook PC is touch of the screen. The customer only keeps in mind that its touch is good or not and whether the screen will handle the pressure of the fingers very easily or not.

Screen size and its resolution also matters when you buy any Notebook PC. Size of Notebook PC is also important. The resolution of Notebook PC depends upon the specification of Notebook PC. How an images or videos will look in the screen it will depend upon the screen resolution.

2.     Operating System- the most important part of Notebook PC is its operating system. On which operating system does a Notebook PC is running is essential. In todays date four types of operating system is running successfully in the market i.e. Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry.

Apple iOS- the worlds largest company which holds the product of Apple only. Apple iOS is works only in apple products such as ipad, iphone, ipod, itouch. Over more than 20000 apps can run in the Tablet PC of apple without any creating a problem.

Microsoft Windows- the operating system for the Notebook PC ,tablets and phones. It holds small shares in the market of tablets and smarphones. The advantage of Microsoft window is, it is easily compatible as used in desktops and laptops. It provides transfer and sharing of files from tablets to desktops which are using same operating system.

Blackberry- the manufacturer of blackberry phones has developed its own operating system for its tablets. It is very much compatible with blackberry phones user.

3.     Memory- The important feature for any Notebook PC is storage capacity. Every Notebook PC comes up with its internal memory. The internal memory of any tablets starts from 1 GB and it go on to 500 GB. You can provide external memory card also to the Notebook PC. It depends upon the compatibility of the Notebook PC whether it will take external memory or not. When you take Notebook PC with low memory you will not able to store the apps and other contents which may important to you like images, files, documents and videos. Before buying any Notebook PC keep this in mind that if you are using many media files to store you will need extensive memory.  

4.     Wireless Connectivity- all Notebook PC provide wireless connectivity. No Notebook PC will specify the exact wireless specification. It provides 2GHz to 5GHz bands which are completely sufficient to the tablets connectivity. It also works on the Wi-Fi hotspot.  

5.     Camera- there is one camera in the Notebook PC. Front camera is used as webcam. The important aspects regarding camera is its resolution. Usually Notebook PC have same camera as a smartphones. The camera resolution is important because it will make difference in the image quality and how the image can be used. With higher resolution of camera, more images can be zoomed-in. The image quality will not affect when you zoomed-in any image, it will be crisp and clear as original image. Usually 4 MP is sufficient for printing an 8*10 picture without any cropping and distortion.  

6.     Speakers- usually the speakers of Notebook PC are tiny and it doesn’t produce so much of sound. You can check the quality of sounds in the headphones. It takes some time when you check the sound of Notebook PC.

7.     Inputs and Outputs- many Notebook PC provide connector such as headphones, USB connections and other wireless connection. Some manufacturer also provides the docking port for the connection of externalkeyboard. Apple tablets don’t provide any outside USB connections.

8.     Battery life- the most important part of Notebook PC is battery. The battery life depends upon the working of Notebook PC. Battery life of Notebook PC depends upon three things size of battery, brightness and for how much time Notebook PC is on. Many users don’t turn off their Notebook PC when it is not in use. They usually keep the Notebook PC in sleeping mode. When buying a Notebook PC consider two things regarding battery is for how much unit it will take when the Notebook PC is in sleeping mode and how much unit it will take when the Notebook PC is in use or its on working.

Many things are considered by manufacturer that what type of work is going on the Notebook PC. If you are only browsing the web it will take fewer units, if you are streaming videos it will take more energy than browsing and if you are playing games in it, it will take much more energy than browsing the web and streaming videos.

9.     Size and Weight- the last feature which is to be considered is the size and weight of the tablets. The size of any tablet starts from 5 inches and ends to 12 inches. The weight is depending upon the size and thickness of the tablet. Manufacturer of android tablet gives attention on the size and also on the weight of the tablets because a customer should not be in trouble or in problem when he/she handles the tablet. 

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