Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tips Increase Battery Life of Notebook PC

There are number of brands that come up with laptops having great operating system like windows and apple ios etc .it allows user to listen music, play videos and to play games etc.

These all functionality runs laptops but mostly developer concerned on the battery life of the laptops. Most of the laptops run for one day or two days and then it fully depleted and then it needs to be recharge.

There are some essential tips to conserve the battery life of Notebook PC

1.     Low Brightness- it’s a one of the main reason that makes battery drain faster. You will able to see the screen contents when you lower the brightness of the screen. By lowering the brightness it saves too much of battery. The other thing you can do is set the brightness automatic; it will dynamically adjust the brightness of your screen as per your surroundings. Doing these things to laptops your battery life in the long run.

2.     Charge your battery-many laptops are ready to charge always. When you think that battery is about to die of your laptop try to recharge it properly and it should be charge until it doesn’t full. When the laptops are fully charged it works properly.  Purchase a new extra AC adapter when you are travelling for long distance. It use lithium based batteries and it can’t be overcharged. When you overcharge any battery its not good for the health of battery life. When you use your battery make it maximum battery life and use it and also disable the limiter and allow battery to charge to 100 percent.

3.     Close Apps- Many users use various apps and minimize it. User doesn’t bother to close those apps as it is consuming its battery.  The worst thing of laptops is when you didn’t use any apps you just minimize it doesn’t close it. The main factor of losing the battery life is not closing the apps properly. Leaving open any app it will reduce your battery to half. The better way to save your battery is kill that app which is not in the use.

4.     Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi- the main factor of reducing battery life is turning on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it is not in use. Energy is consumed when laptop searches the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. Continuously searching of the signals makes battery reduce to its original level. When there is no signals it’s better to keep your laptops Bluetooth disable, it saves battery too much. On the other hand, when you think your laptop should be in use keep your laptop in high connectivity zones. This will save your battery and will not search for the signal very much. When it is not in use turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

5.     Change the Power Settings- Most of the laptops by default set to the balanced rather than power saver. Check the appropriate power option in the control panel and select it. Most of the windows use different power options. In general terms, you are looking for saving your battery.

6.     Remove unnecessary peripherals- unnecessary peripherals such as DVD drives, webcams, USB drives. When all those devices are not in use you should keep them aside for long term battery life. When you insert DVD it continuously rotates in the drive which also affects the battery and also it reduces the battery. When webcam is not in use turn it off. When USB is also not in use eject it from the laptop.

7.     Upgrade to an SSD – mechanical hard disk which are common in all laptops have watts off spin but a solid state drive uses less spin and it saves battery.

8.     Internal Graphics- if your laptops is using Nvidia or AMD graphics its good for the laptops. But it’s not its very risky at most time if you are using your laptops for gaming purpose. When you play games the laptops energy is so much discharged if internal graphics is not so much good. So before purchasing the laptops see the integrated graphics of that laptop. Its very essential to use a good graphics card for laptops because it also saves battery when you are playing games.

9.     Manage your Memory- When you use lots of apps at a same time the battery life becomes low because it uses the system memory and it has to free the memory at that time. So while working this internally it uses much battery and its level becomes low. Increase the memory of laptops by which it will not affect to the battery when it opens lots of apps at a same time. User should try to manage its memory of his laptop to save its battery for long term.

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