Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tips to Increase Smartphone Battery Life

There are number of brands that come up with Smartphone having great operating system like Google android, nokia symbian and apple ios etc .it allows user to listen music, play videos and to play games etc.

These all functionality runs a smartphone but mostly developer concerned on the battery life of the smartphone. Most of the smartphone runs for one day or two days and then it fully depleted and then it needs to be recharge.

There are some essential tips to conserve the battery life of smartphone

1.     Turn off vibrations- vibration is necessary when you keep your phone in silent mode when you are in theatre, in a meeting or in a class. When your phone is in ringing mode then vibration is doesn’t require because ringtone doesn’t take that much of your battery as compare to vibration mode. The sound produced by ringtone is very small in your phone speakers as compare to the vibration mode. The same is when you doesn’t require the vibration turn it off or disable the vibration mode or keep less the magnitude of vibration.

2.     Low Brightness- it’s a one of the main reason that makes battery drain faster. You will able to see the screen contents when you lower the brightness of the screen. By lowering the brightness it saves too much of battery. The other thing you can do is set the brightness automatic; it will dynamically adjust the brightness of your screen as per your surroundings. Doing these things to smartphone your battery life in the long run.

3.     Screen Timeout- many users don’t lock their phone when they are done with it and the lights of phone is just turn on while it automatically locked. In same case we just need to think that how to save our battery, at that time you have to short the screen timeout by which battery consumption is more. This will decide that how much time should screen lights be turn on when the user stop interacting with the phone.  

4.     Switch off your phone when it is inactive- unlocking a phone doesn’t consume that much of battery when you turn it on consumes. Switching off the mobile consumes or saves huge amount of battery. You can switch off your phone when you know you will not touch your phone for couple of hours such as when you are in the meeting or you are in the theatre or at night when you are going to sleep. It saves huge amount of battery when you not use your phone.

5.     Charge your battery- two types of batteries lithium-ion and nickel-based battery. Both the battery need to be charged at every time when it need. Lithium-ion battery is better than nickel based battery. Nickel based battery reduce its energy when you recharge it but lithium-ion doesn’t lose its power. To keep your battery longer find the better type of battery to your smartphone uses and maintain its appropriate strategy for optimum usage.

6.     Close Apps- Many users use various apps and minimize it. User doesn’t bother to close those apps as it is consuming its battery.  The worst thing of smartphone is when you didn’t use any apps you just minimize it doesn’t close it. The main factor of losing the battery life is not closing the apps properly. Leaving open any app it will reduce your battery to half. The better way to save your battery is kill that app which is not in the use. One of the famous apps called Advanced Task Killer, it helps to kill the unnecessary app and it conserves the battery life of smartphone.

7.     Turn off GPS- One of the main reasons to reduce your battery is GPS. Some of the user always turns on the GPS when it is not in use. You should use GPS when you are to find any location and afterwards turn it off when it is not in use. When you use GPS it sends and receive signals from satellites for the location at that time it uses so much of battery and many of the user doesn’t aware also of it. On the other hand you must keep in mind that when you doesn’t need the GPS you just turn it off, it will save much more battery.

8.     Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi- the main factor of reducing battery life is turning on the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when it is not in use. Energy is consumed when phone searches the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. Continuously searching of the signals makes battery reduce to its original level. When there is no signals it’s better to keep your phone in airplane mode, it saves battery too much. On the other hand, when you think your phone should be in use keep your smartphone in high connectivity zones. This will save your battery and will not search for the signal very much. When it is not in use turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

9.     Minimize Notifications- When you are connected with the internet you continuously get the notifications at every time. It may be any updates of your apps or any text messages or your whatsapp messages or any games stuffs. Whenever you get any notifications to your phone it starts vibrating and its lights are also on. It also reduce the battery life of the smartphone. To avoid this or to save your battery make changes in the settings of smartphone. Disable all the unnecessary apps notifications which could reduce your battery life.

10.   Maintain cool temperature- Some user of smartphone may observe that when smartphone is warm its battery runs out faster. Its simple that don’t keep your smartphone directly to the sunlight.  One of the main observation is when you park your car in the parking under the sun you leave your phone their only. So be concern on this factor and try to avoid keeping your phone in the heat.

11.  Battery saving apps- there are many apps in the app store which try to save our battery life. These apps kill the unnecessary apps which is not in the use. By those apps you can save your battery life.

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